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ReVive TriLevel Bleaching Cream
Our Private Line -Skin Lightener, Brighten & Rejuvenate

A combination of 3 compounds that decrease the overproduction of melanin while diminishing the lines and wrinkles. For treatment of dark spots from the excessive sun exposure post inflammatory hyperpigmetation and discolorations due to melasma. Tri-level also soothes and rejuvenates damaged skin. It works best when used in combination with a daily regimen that includes sun protection.

You are advised to avoid exposure to the sun as much as possible when utilizing this product. The sun is what increases the production of Melanin and can reverse your efforts of reducing darkened areas of skin. Try to utilize as least a broad spectrum SPF 50 or higher when outdoors and wear protective clothing to protect other areas of skin on your body.

To find out more about REVIVE bleaching cream, contact us to schedule your customized skincare consultation. Call 775-588-5000 Today!

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